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Sayward Haven Farm

Hearty Whole Wheat Mini Bread

Hearty Whole Wheat Mini Bread

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As I photographed yummy food we grow people kept asking if I sold the bread that is often in the images.  Our friends and family also said "Why don't you sell this bread on the farm tastes sooooooo good!"  So voila!

Ingredients are simple - 100% whole wheat flour, yeast, sea salt and water.  No dairy, no oil (except a little olive oil to grease the pans) and no sugars.  But it still has great flavour.

This Hearty Whole Wheat Bread is a good balance of density and spring so it works well for both peanut butter toast and as a sandwich bread.  

We bake this delicious bread early each morning that the farm stand is open.  You can order it online but only for pick up the next day the Farm Stand is open (currently Wednesday thru Sunday).


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