Basil Has Never Grown So Good - A New Breed!

Basil Has Never Grown So Good - A New Breed!

Basil is a beloved herb that pairs well with many foods but most importantly with all things tomato.

Basil is a heat loving plant but it is quick to bolt too.

Everleaf Emerald Towers Basil solves this issue.  It is VERY slow to bolt so you it is still producing when your tomatoes are ripening July through September. It has a tall, columnar and compact so it produces well in a small space.  You can continually harvest a few sprigs at a time and it will keep on producing.

And don't think you have to compromise on flavour.  It has the same deliciously sweet Genovese Italian basil flavour you want for your pestos, salads, sauces and pizzas!  

We sell Everleaf Emerald Towers Basil in 4" pots at our Annual Plant Sale.  Click HERE for more details.

If you want a steady production of aromatic traditional basil try it!

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