We Love To Grow Fresh Produce

Yes we are probably late bloomers when it comes to farming.  We we like to think we bring a lot of great experience to the field.  Starting a market farm later in life may be a little crazy but we are so passionate about healthy food being available for everyone.

 Inspiration for Sayward Haven Farm came naturally for us. We enjoy a whole food, plant based lifestyle, so high quality veggies are vital to our diet.  We grow for ourselves and realized many people value the flavour and nutrition from fresh produce.  We also found a lot of people like us genuinely care about how we steward our land.  We decided to take it to the next level by creating a small scale bio-intensive market farm, combining both of our skills and passions.

Going into our 4th year farming we have learned so much and we understand what grows well in our little micro climate.

Our Fresh Food Enthusiasts have been the best experience so far. We have so many people who are our raving fans and their support amazes us. From the little notes left at the farm stand to comments in social media, knowing that people appreciate eating fresh produce that has been grown with NO pesticides or chemical fertilizers and get all the amazing health benefits from eating Farm To Fork is very rewarding. We love our customers and we think it shows!

The farm got its name from the house that sits on it.  The house was originally built by a shipwright in Sayward, BC in 1972.  In 2012 it was brought down by barge from up Island and placed on the property.  The farm name reflects that heritage.  Sayward also means "across the sea" in Gaelic.  Given the house history and our proximity to the ocean the name felt right.  We chose haven because our goal was to have a place that people could feel relaxed at, even if just for a few minutes. We bring to market the highest quality produce possible, from a shelf life, aesthetic and nutritional perspective.  We want our clients to connect with us (Tracey is fun and Don is funny!) and know the people who grow their great food!  Come visit and see how YOUR food is grown.  Or simply order your fresh, delicious produce here and stay connected online!