Collection: Special Reserve Tomato Plants

We are thrilled to present Sayward Haven Farm's Special Reserve Collection which includes some of the most unique and outstanding tomato plants on the market.  

If you LOVE tomatoes take a look at this line up! 

Farmer Tracey is in her 37th year of growing tomatoes (yes she started when she was 10 lol!).  With such an amazing selection of tomato seeds these days, each year she is trialling new varieties, assessing based on the vigor and disease resistance of the plant and the flavour, texture and resilience of the fruit.  This is a great way to try some special tomato varieties without having to do a ton of research or pay big $$ for a few seeds.

Our Special Reserve Collection includes carefully curated varieties of tomatoes.  Available in Limited Quantities, these varieties stand out for a combination of features that will give you bragging rights, tomatoes in November and/or an incredible abundance.  And of course they have been grown using organic practices - no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on our farm.  We use the best quality seed start mix and feed the plants when appropriate with a seaweed emulsion created by Reindeer Natural Plant Foods, a local company in Lake Cowichan.