May 13th Farm Update

May 13th Farm Update

The farm is in full swing.  Farmer Don, being an Engineer has a detailed farm plan on a spreadsheet.  It calculated that the work required for the next 6 weeks is about 100 hours, not including propogation time, time to harvest, bag and put out produce on the farm, baking, flower preparation, etc.

What it does include is planting, weeding, bed preparation, feeding, pruning and watering the thousands of plants we have started planting.

This week we are planting seeds - sunflower, bush bean, 2nd planting of snow peas, greens.  The first bean, tomato, pepper and cucumber transplants will also be planted in the hoophouses.

So much happening on the farm!  If you haven't see them already, we have t-shirts now that say "This farm runs on ibuprofen, caffeine and alcohol".  Truth.
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