March 8th Farm News

March 8th Farm News

Our lovely 6 girl ducks are super busy laying eggs these days.  We'll have them at the farm stand starting this Saturday.  Farmer Don and I were both talking about how excited we are to re-connect with our amazing Fresh Food Enthusiasts at the farm stand this year!

Salad greens, onions and micro greens will be available March 28th in time for Easter!

Farmer Don has the irrigation infrastructure in place and the passive solar is working in the greenhouse.  Hoophouse #2 is being prepared for our next round of transplants and includes greens, onions, broccolini, pac choi and sprouting cauliflower.

Our fancy daffodils and early tulips have emerged and are pushing up. 

In the propagation room is filling up with baby ginger, herbs, flowers and the emerging tomato, pepper and eggplant starts.  So many plant starts this year and so much bigger than last year.  See our exciting line up of varieties HERE.  

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