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Sayward Haven Farm

Socrates Cucumber Plant

Socrates Cucumber Plant

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3.25" Pot

Sweet and crunchy Socrates cucumbers are a thin-skinned variety specially bred for cool conditions. It stays productive under lower light conditions in the autumn and early spring, and it thrives in poly-tunnels, greenhouses, and in the field. This plant is parthenocarpic, so it can produce fruits without pollination, and that means seedless fruits. Later in the season, if pollination occurs, seeds will form. This hybrid is very productive, with a good resistance to scab and powdery mildew. Trellis the vines so the fruits can develop straight as they hang. Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

We grow Socrates in our farm and have found it to be an amazing producer.  Cucumbers do not like having their roots messed with so transplant once and try not to disturb them.

Cucumbers like well drained, fertile soil and it's important to keep them well watered.  If possible, plant them in a sheltered area to minimize powdery mildew in late summer.

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