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Sayward Haven Farm

Purple Cherokee Large Tomato Plant

Purple Cherokee Large Tomato Plant

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3.25" Pot

Cherokee Purple tomato is an heirloom, beefsteak variety known for its dusky rose colour, green shoulders, and deep, rich flavour.  The plant produces large round fruits from mid-summer to frost on vines that can grow to nine feet long.

Many heirloom tomatoes are susceptible to cracking, wilts, and a host of tomato diseases. The Cherokee Purple stands out for its resistance and a prolific production of fruit. Tomatoes have a slight smoky, sweet flavor and are a little less acidic than other varieties. Learn to grow this unique heirloom and find out how one plant can put large, delicious tomatoes on your table year after year.

This is our main staple large tomato that we grow on the farm because it has amazing flavour but it is also one of the best producers and is disease resistant.  It does put on some funky growth so pruning is sometimes time consuming but the effort is so worth it.


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