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Ground Cherry New Hanover Plant

Ground Cherry New Hanover Plant

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3.25" Pot

Ground cherries are close relatives of tomatillos, considered a type of “husk tomato.” The flavour is often more tangy than sweet but not the New Hanover: it’s sweet, fruity, and addictive. It can be hard to save seeds from these because you’ll want to eat every fruit! This heirloom variety was preserved by the late Katie Hoffman Slonaker (1903- 1983) in New Hanover, Pennsylvania, until becoming a part of the Roughwood Seed Collection.  Considered to be better tasting than common cultivars. At a tasting held by the American Institute of Wine and Food, it beat all other ground cherries tested!

Ground cherry plants and fruits resemble tomatillos, with each fruit growing inside a papery husk called a calyx.  Fruits mature to a golden orange colour, and drop to the ground when ripe. The sweet little fruits will store for up to three months if kept in their husks, but you’ll want to use them faster than that in jams, fruit salads, and sauces. 

Plant in full sun.  Requires regular watering for good production.  Plants need a little support.  Tomato cages work well to keep branches off the ground.

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