Ginger Update March 2, 2023

Ginger Update March 2, 2023

The ginger is out of control.  Each year we fine tune our growing practices to produce the BEST possible ginger.  The little tweaks we did this year have this year's crop growing so well!  Some are already over 3 feet tall!
The spring forecast for BC indicates a cooler, wetter spring on the tail end of El Nina.  So it looks like the gingers will pile up inside our house until it's safe to plant them out in our hoophouses.
In the meantime I am testing some awesome recipes with ginger to share with you all!
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Judith Knaack

I can hardly wait for the ginger to be ready, it’s the best thing there is.
Would love it 😍 f you could give a class on growing it. Just seems there is never enough 😘


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